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Chris LaBelle

Chris LaBelle

Father and Nerd

I love God's word and enjoy helping others to understand and connect with it and its author.

LaBelle Life

Let me start off by saying that I am not a pastor. I am the owner of a tiny web development company called 3 Nerds and a Server, LLC. I like web programming because it engages both my sense of the logical and the creative, and I get to work with a number of really great organizations to solve problems with web technology. I won't be selling ad space on the site, but I may drop in some banner links that point you to some of my customers and colleagues because I think they are worth your consideration.

You may be asking yourself how a web developer thinks he can be qualified to write a daily devotional. I guess you should use your God-given discernment skills to determine that from what I write, but if God can use fishermen and tax collectors, I suppose God can use me as well. If you think I've erred in some way or even completely missed the boat on a passage, feel free to get in touch with me. I think one's theology should always be strong enough to stand up under scrutiny. Unlike some people, I have been wrong before and have actually changed my views on some things when I received some loving correction! Also, please ask a question if you have one. Sometimes I do my best teaching when people ask me questions because it helps me to know where people are at in their Christian walk.

I'm not going to allow for comments in the blog because it is not intended to spark a debate or be used for someone else's personal agenda. I am strictly writing this for people to get on a path for reading and understanding the Bible and to point people to Jesus.

I would suggest that you begin each devotion by reading the Bible passage out loud. If you wish to hear from God, read the Bible. If you wish to hear from God audibly, read the Bible out loud. I then put a question to think about related to the text. I would suggest that the leader who reads the question should give time for everyone to thnk about and respond to it before reading the devotional part below it. I find this helps my family better connect with the passage because they have engaged their brain in the process.