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Terms of Usage

Please respect me and my constituents

I'm happy to receive your comments and questions and will do my best to respond to what needs a response. With that said, I will block you if your comments or questions involve spamming my forms, wasting my time, trying to sell me something, or are anything less than cordial and respectful.

If you are a hacker that wants to impress me by being able to breach my content management system in order that I might want to "hire" you to do penetration testing, please rethink your course of action. Any kind of weird interactions with the site notify me to potential exploits which I immediately patch and do my best to block you from interacting with the site. There are very few things in life that make me want to pray for lightning to come down on someone's head, but hacking is one of them. If you think my reaction is not Christ-like, realize that many of the organizations I work with do noble things like minister to families that have children with autism or Down syndrome so trying to interrupt their work or trying to steal information from their members takes a level of depravity that probably requires a lightning strike by God to get their attention.

Misususe of Information

As I mentioned in the Trademark & Copyright page, I'm happy to have you share the devotions in any manner you wish. However, they should be shared in their entirety. You are not welcomed to take me (or the Bible) out of context to try and make a devotion say something that it is not intending to say.

This entire page can be summed up with a request for you to respect me, my friends, and my customers, and I will do that same for you.

Privacy Policy

I will be tracking web traffic to this site, but I will not be collecting or sharing any personal information from the visitors so your privacy is safe with me.

Membership Cancellation/Refunds

While I don't offer refunds, you may cancel your membership at any time in your account profile. There is a link to your Stripe portal where you can cancel or update your payment information or mem